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"Home-Grown" Web Application

"Home-Grown" Website and Web App

May 2015 -- Ongoing

"Home-Grown" is a home-schooling application for families to maintain their children's home-schooling lessons and activities in a centralized location. Using the website, users can upload and view lessons, schedules, videos, and other media. The application will interface with the info in the database that was sent from the website to pull the lessons to their handheld devices, thus creating a different user experience for every user. This is all done to make the home-schooling process more effective and easier to manage.

This is a collaboration project I am working on with a close friend. We're utilizing a GitHub private repository to share code. The website is being created with HTML and CSS, with use of angular.js framework, javaScript and jQuery.

Home-Grown is still in its earliest stages, and therefore has very little to show as of yet. It is planned to be released on Android platforms.

Sunshine Roofing Company Website

April - May 2015

Sunshine Roofing Company is a local roofing construction and repair company in Roosevelt, UT. They serve customers' commercial and residential roofing needs around the Uintah Basin and Bear Lake areas.

I worked closely with Bruce Weatherston, the owner of Sunshine Roofing Company, to create a website design and layout that was appealing to both him and customers. The site consists of 6 pages, plus a PHP form for customers to request quotes.

The website was coded with HTML and CSS. I added some jQuery to enhance user experience when viewing photos on the Gallery pages and the Products & Services page. I also utilized jQuery to replace the navigation bar with a simple pull-down menu for smaller screens. The website utilizes responsive-design and all jQuery degrades cleanly for users who have JavaScript disabled.

Global Game Jam 2014

Global Game Jam 2014 - 2014

January 24-26, 2014

The Global Game Jam is an event where game developers from all over the world join together in small groups and create games. Given a common theme, each group must create their small game, from start to finish, within a three-day span. To prevent any form of cheating or preparation before-hand, the theme is not disclosed until the start of the competition.

I had the opportunity to work alongside friends at Wahoo Studios (also known as NinjaBee) to create a game for this year's Global Game Jam. Following the theme, "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are", we set to work brainstorming, designing and developing our game. Our end result was a guessing game titled "Band of Others". In Band of Others, you have ten different characters to select from. After selecting a character, you are then directed to a screen with a covered image. Using stamps and clues to reveal fragments of the image, you must guess what the image is. Because of the theme, the answer may be called something different depending on what character is "seeing" the object.

Band of Others was created using HTML5 and JavaScript, using the rat.js game engine and TortoiseSVN. My main tasks were finding all stock photos to ensure we stayed compliant with creative common license law, and designing/coding the "Results" screen.

You can play it here!